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About Me (and the blog as a logical result)

My name is Zachery Oliver – right now I am currently studying for a Master’s of Theological Studies at Boston University’s School of Theology. If there’s one thing I do well, it’s procrastinating! In addition to that, I am learning completely useless skills in an cloistered ivory tower, where I will have little to no job prospects!

But it’s not all bad. I am a Christian, a believer in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who has arrived at his fideistic conclusions through years of intellectual struggle and doubt. Basically, I came back to the same things I already believed as a child – I just didn’t know WHY I believed them, and not for any rational, Enlightenment-style understanding. It just simply is. And because I believe that, I am in the “hands of God”, so to speak, on this whole journey through life.

Hopefully, I’ll be writing everything here “to the glory of God”, in a manner of speaking (and any one who caught the joke right here…good for you!).

If I can recommend one book for anyone to read to get a sense of what I’m thinking, read Wittgenstein’s Culture and Value; although his other works are more philosophical, these will get you to think about “faith”, as it’s called, in a different way. Plus, it’s cheap! And not published by an academic publisher trying to squeeze every penny out of you! The Blackwell edition (the one with a neat black cover) is egregious in this sense).

But this blog isn’t about that! No, it’s about video games!

I’ve been playing them since I was 3-4 years old, and can’t remember I time I wasn’t playing them. Probably a more formative experience was playing Secret of Mana with  my brother and my father over a Christmas break, as the Sprite, without a guide or anything. The game clock on the cartridge (which I still have) is somewhere in the hundreds of hours. There’s just something about video games that works for me, entertains me, and really helped me out in life to sort ideas out (weirdly enough). And there’s so many of them!

I like anything but sports games, really; never really got into sports, so sports game as a result (excepting the Mario/unrealistic kind) go the way of the dodo. But I’m pretty well-versed on this stuff. So listen to me!

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