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Reasons I like Wow: Part 1?

March 28, 2012

I’ve been playing A LOT of WoW lately.

I’m not much of a raider, to be honest (although I do, indeed, like facing such challenges), but the whole game just has so much crap to do.

For example, I’ve been doing what are called the “Molten Front” questlines/daily quests introduced last year at around this time. The objective is to fight into the Firelands so we can all fight Ragnaros the Firelord on his own turf. But the quests to get there are entertaining in and of themselves.

One involves throwing tiny bear cubs onto a trampoline. Another involves killing enemies in specific ways. And, for those looking for it, there are challenges to be found that are completely soloable and optional. Andrazor, for instance, is a heck of a fight to solo. He’s throwing out fire, flames, and death everywhere, and basically the only way to reduce the nearly three million health is being very, VERY on point with interrupting her spells. That is quite a task and a half, but not impossible. In  addition, you’ve got to pull her in the right spot, or she won’t come down in the right way. See, a quest you can do give you 5 companions who are not the brightest bulbs; the stupid bear tank keeps taunting like an idiot, making it impossible to interrupt or get in range for it. So, you need to clear an area and make sure the bear isn’t going to mess you up. I tank a lot, so I’ve optimized my damage potential even in Raid Finder (why am I 11th of 25 people in a raid? Seriously!)

Once you get it right, thought, it’s quite a feeling to take that down by yourself. You could do it with multiple people…but that sorta takes the fun out, doesn’t it?

And thus we get to Mionelol, soloer of raid bosses. My God, is he excellent. Basically, you have to think out of the box to solo such things with mechanics designed for 10-25 people, and he can pretty much nail it most of the time. He’s never going to get an achievement or anything – he does it just for the challenge. That’s what I like – it’s not all about grinding. People think this is how WoW works, but it’s not. Grinding is a part, no doubt, but if you grind like that all the time in getting crafting mats, grinding raid boss progression, and obsessing over it (like numerous friends who got me into this game in the first place 6 years ago), you’ll burn out. Me, I just play how I want to play, create arbitrary challenges (like grouping with a bunch of idiots, or something), and have fun doing it.

Plus, tanking is a joy. I love doing it, because DPS is really boring. I like having the weight of the group on my shoulders, and being able to time everything perfect so that we win whatever encounter we come up against. Fights with multiple adds who want to kill your more fragile party members are great because they require a kind of spatial awareness that not many games can engender (probably Bayonetta, my perennial example, or Demon’s Souls, which I want to play, really). When you’ve got two different enemies with two different abilities, which is primary? Which is not? Should I interrupt the AoE ability that does tons of damage, or the silencing ability that targets the healer? What’s my interrupt rotation, and are the DPS going to help me or not? It’s a lot to worry about, but I like it – I could never even multi-task before this, and now it’s become rather easy.

I even remember when I first tanked, around the fall 0f 2007. My father, who played the warrior class originally, made us suffer through a 5-man instance run for 5 hours. Let that sink in for a bit. He liked tanking, but he just didn’t like having to deal with the aforementioned skills required. And so, stepping up for my guild, I became a tank. I did the whole first tier of BC raiding (which, for those not in the know, WAS HARD OMG), and even Zul’Aman, one of the hardest instance (10-man version, people) that Blizzard ever devised. People with gear 2 or 3 tiers above me couldn’t do them right, and yet our guild (mostly filled with Chinese exchange students from Canada, but still) was able to down Zul’Jin with lots of hard work and effort.

Enough about my gushing, but WoW is really fun at endgame if you try it. Of course, it’s work to get there, but as far as a challenge/social experience/working together, it’s really an excellent game. And, for those who want PvP…you’ve got that too. Just leave me with my three tricked out tanks (one of each of the plate-wearers – Death Knight, Paladin, and the Warrior).

But really, a good healer helps too!

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