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The Tester…

March 22, 2012

…is horrible. If the commenters on the YouTube page are any indication, it would seem the viewers understand why as well. Of course, the unfocused rage of the internet doesn’t convey WHY they are angry, so allow me, spokeperson of angry internet video gamers, to tell you why!

It’s obvious, by any standard, that every contestant except Egoraptor is totally out of their minds and/or crazed. At least from what his YouTube videos (Sequelitis, for sure) say, he definitely knows what makes a game tick. These other people…play games. That doesn’t necessarily make you fit for an industry job by any stretch of the imagination. Half of them are so excited about playing games, or getting “the job” that they barely show, to me, what qualifies them to be a tester. Being a tester isn’t simply playing a game – it’s about breaking it, finding bugs, abusing whatever glitches you can find. They pay you to find problems so the developers can fix them.

Seriously, judging a candidate’s quality by TROPHIES? They are worthless little time wasters, honestly, just as achievements, etc, a false indication of “skill”. At most, they represent how much free time you have (which, for some people, is obviously alot). In no way would they quantify your ability to be a game producer, let alone tester!

One contestant was brought to safety because he played a stupid quiz with the “interviewers”. Seriously, what real job requires you to list the names of “triple A games” from various development projects? 

I realize this is a reality show, so why am I pissed? Because it perpetuates some kind of culture of “gaming” that I never, ever want to adhere to, nor do I think we should endorse. How can you get so excited about a handheld? The producer job (as Egoraptor stated later) is the real prize! A video gamer, in some sense, is always a passive consumer of a product. It takes a different mind from playing a game to objectively evaluate the quality of the game. “Fun”, that ever ambiguous measure, isn’t sufficient as a criteria. You have to really dig deep and understand the depths of how even a tiny thing such as level design, or statistics, or order of events significantly affect the flow and quality. What’s the difference between a narrative and mechanics focused game? What are your favorite games? That would seem like the actual job interview. This was just a farce to get Adrianne Curry on camera so that fat guys can ogle her, I guess? Man, was there a lot of fat men objectifying women. God, it makes me sick.

This is just a PlayStation marketing device, and no one should see it as anything else.


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