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Yet Another Re-Do.

March 18, 2012

After a long period of thinking about the title (and purpose) of this blog, along with concerns about my own life, I felt it was best to start fresh. And what better way to do that than to make the front page look spiffy!

But seriously, I’m not sure if the concept of “theology” and “video games” is anything more than a pipe dream without any real relevance to much of anything. Or, thinking in terms of a disillusioned graduate student, about 10-12 people will ever read/understand something that could ever be written about such a thing.

When I mean theology, I mean the academic type. Christian seems, to me, a lived faith, and I think that comes out in what ever you do. So it is here.

So, instead, to humble myself and in an effort to become better at communicating ideas, I’m going to set some ground rules on the purpose of this blog:

1. Video Games. They are usually “discussed”, but not well. What makes a game “good”? What makes it “great”? Why do I like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past more than The Ocarina of Time? Why do gamers pine for “the good old days”? There is, quite honestly, a lot of untapped potential here, and I haven’t found much that really takes modern games to task. There is a “retro” subculture, but it merely takes the aesthetic while retaining modern values (like Super Meat-Boy, for example).

2. Why does EVERYONE hate Japanese games lately? I find this to be the weirdest problem with the modern video game journalists: they hate them, and not quite for reasons that make sense. I attribute it to a cultural divide between expectations, but even sequels of Western games refine the same concepts, yet Japanese games (in general) are criticized for the exact same thing. As a strong proponent of games from Asia in general, generally preferring them, I’d like to talk in great detail about what people have missed about Japanese games, regardless of genre.

3. Well, whatever else comes to mind. Reviews, covering articles, features, etc (maybe I’ll make some money off the side). But it certainly won’t be theology, that’s for sure. Let’s write about something we can all use! Guest posts are welcome, if you’re into that sort of thing. Podcast, maybe? I’m getting ambitious! I must finish my degree, given where we are in the academic calendar, but I will write as often as possible, and then some when it ends.

Signing out,


PS> Seriously, though, who are all those people looking at the Ninja Gaiden Review? It must be Google ImageSearch. I like that piece of work, but it’s not THAT good. Self-deprecation for the win!


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  1. How did you manage to make this blog even uglier?

    Change it back, change it back!

    • viewtifulzfo permalink

      Trying to find a theme that makes sense, and everything is easily accessible.



    • viewtifulzfo permalink

      Do you ever say anything positive?

      Apparently not.

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