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Sex as the End of Human Relations

March 8, 2012

Honestly, I don’t get this.

At all.

Perhaps I am alone on this opinion, but I don’t think experience, genetic makeup, or anything else is a constitutive part of your personality; you, and you alone, are responsible for what you do, and rescinding personal responsibility denies part of being human in human society.

That said, when, exactly, did the status “I like sex with men” or “I like sex with women” become an essential part of my personality? I’m not even talking about homosexuality here (or gay, or queer, or whatever). At best, it’s simply a preference; at worst, it’s just weird. Let’s have a conversation, for example. “What do you like to do?” – “Well…I like to shop, play video games, and have sex.”

Seriously, think about how weird this is – humans being reduced to (sexual) preference (chosen or not, that’s your call). What a horrible thought. That’s what “inclusiveness” boils down to in the end. ‘True” equality – the ability to have sex with aliens! That’s what we praise. And this is exacerbated in BioWare games, where the end goal of every relationship ends in intercourse of a kind. Why would that be the culmination of the relationship? The physical pleasure, really? That’s it? I imagine the dialogue options stop at and around that point, other than brief messages to remind you of it.

I just cannot accept that.


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