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Solving the Narratology-Ludology Debate As Seen Through Dewey’s Aesthetic Theory

January 15, 2012

Website Edition

Yeah, complicated sounding title, but it’s pretty descriptive of what’s actually in there.

For those not in the know, “Game Studies” has become a genuine field of study, specifically of the video game kind. They have cut the field into the rule-focused (ludology) and the narrative focused (obviously, narratology) Still, I don’t think either approach in these fields helps the “game as art” debate because they isolate elements without integrating all the unique qualities of video games. This paper is an attempt to bridge that gap using John Dewey’s late aesthetic theory as seen in his work Art as Experience.

Dewey, obviously, was not alive before the advent of the video game, so I have had to construct my own theory with his ideas as a groundwork, but I think it expresses everything people think about “art” in terms of video games, but haven’t been able to express in words.

Anyway, enjoy the article! And Happy New Year (belated)


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