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Ninja Gaiden, meet Rusty Hearts!

July 28, 2011

I’m surprised that, even though I’ve been publishing all sorts of new content on this blog, and more people are actually reading it, they’re all actually reading the Ninja Gaiden review I posted several years ago (at least it feels that way).

On that note, I’ve been playing a new-fangled MMO called Rusty Hearts, and man, does it hit all my buttons – score-rated systems, linear dungeons, an elaborate combo system, and MMO trappings like gear, quests, and buying new virtual things! I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it, although it is very easy at the moment, as quests which the game recommends a party of 2-3 are incredibly easy for me solo, getting SSS scores (don’t know what that means on the grand scheme of things). The characters, of the two I tried, are all unique as well, giving a different feel to the combat. And, it’s free! Closed beta means you need a key, but those are easy to find, honestly, if you’re looking for them.

Still, I’m hoping for some challenge coming my way at some point.

Nothing pretentious today, just a random thought.


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