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The Plan, and minor stuff.

October 14, 2010

I lost my password and username…and stuff, for a long while, and I’ve been doing Master’s Degree stuff.

However, I may as well outline my plan in advance:

There are, in general, two movements of video game discussion. The first discuss the experience of playing a game. This is best epitomized by Tim Rogers and the “New Games Journalism” movement (if a disconnected, disorganized collection of thoughts with no clear focus can be called a movement). On the other hand, we have those who focus on the way that the game actual functions, the mechanics (it’s not the best descriptor, but It’ll do). Alex Kierkegaard and his website tend to represent this point of view (and in very harsh language). To bring this into modern philosophy, the former is Heidegger-like, while the latter is Wittgenstein-like.

My approach will be to focus more on the latter – though, as I did call this theology, I have to deal with experience as well. Mechanics are easy to discuss and communicate through text, while experience is a much different beast.

What is theology, though? There’s millions of definitions, but for the discussion herein, I will take a definition given by a professor that I’ve taken classes with: engaged but critical reflection on a religious tradition’s account and experience of God, humanity, and the universe. Or, in general, the study of God.

This is tough to pin down. I will not attempt to please everyone, so don’t expect me to. That’s how I roll.

Next Post: Goals of This Blog, and Discussion Rules for Any Interested.


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