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Me and Bayonetta

March 4, 2010

I’m a Christian.

This article makes me want to set myself on fire.

Let’s start with the obvious: apparently if you’re a Christian, fiction is off limits since it might CONTAIN A DIFFERENT WORLDVIEW. OH NOES! POSSIBLE CONFLICT AHEAD! Has anyone at Plugged In really thought about the fact that a game has a different metaphysics than reality? Or, even, a book like The Da Vinci Code also IS a different reality?

And really, anyone who has played this game knows that the veneer of “sexiness”, as we might call it, disappears fairly quickly; or, in crasser terms, how can I play a game this intense with one hand (don’t answer that question). I mean, really, you are trying to dodge and defeat enemies primarily, not ogle at a woman with clothing made of her own hair. It’s so over the top I can’t imagine anyone taking it seriously unless they were a young, very impressionable child (who, quite honestly, probably can’t play this anyway). My 12 year old cousin played it and he didn’t even notice any of this sexuality type stuff – that should tell you how relevant it is.

Yes, it’s violent, but am I killing an actual person? No. Unlike GTA IV, I kill ugly demon/angel things that want to kill me – is that so wrong? It’s entertainment – we don’t revel in the combat, we revel in the system and the challenge of the experience. It’s like saying the end goal of playing video games is to kill people, which I can’t imagine anyone saying it is. Anyway, mainstream Christianity seems to have this problem with the difference between fantasy and reality – the former must always represent the latter in the most boring way possible (Christian music, for example – or worse – Christian films).

And watch out! Someone might say fuck! We’re all going to burn!

Honestly, has anyone actually read the Bible in the past fifty years, or are we making this up as well along? Theology took a big shit, apparently, down a broken toilet.

I should probably also mention that I’m attempting to restart this blog. So yeah…


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